Cogent Ideas Inc.
Clear. Logical. Relevant.


Cogent Ideas Inc.

Clear. Logical. Relevant.

Cogent Ideas Inc. is a Midwest-based, full service marketing resource. Launched in 1992, the company has evolved into a respected agriculture marketing solutions provider. Cogent is a collective resource of industry knowledge, creative expertise, media and strategic brand management experience.

Our clients represent agricultural diversity from crops to food animal production. From rural community support to brand building for complex products, the Cogent team is experienced in the nuance of messaging through clear, logical and relevant communication.


Areas of Practice

Cogent Strategies

Strategies simply serve as a road map to arrive at a defined marketing goal. Strategies must reflect the client’s mission and corporate culture by incorporating the comprehensive assets necessary to execute on time, on budget and on message. Successful strategies must be nimble, flexible and include situational response mechanisms to unforeseen situations.



Cogent Design

Design is a basic component of all successful marketing. Design must be consistent across all media platforms. Cogent design is largely responsible for carrying brand messaging through clear and logical communication.

Cogent Execution

The Cogent team collaborates to execute strategies on behalf of Cogent clients. The Cogent staff collectively has more than 150 years of experience working as a team. Our longevity within agribusiness and agriculture, is a distinct advantage to Cogent clients relying on expert media buying, analysis, print buying, construction and installation. In depth industry knowledge makes Cogent Ideas Inc. a trusted marketing partner.


Creativity isn’t a switch that’s flicked on or off;
it’s a way of seeing, engaging and responding to the world around you.
— Rod Judkins